Masternode hosting is no more rocket science

Host your masternode now for free with a single click on the Clicknode platform

Your favourite features on Clicknode

Being the most preferred and customer-centric masternode hosting service provider, we understand your needs and therefore Clicknode’s functionalities are designed to offer an amazing experience.

Time to value

We ensure the required infrastructure is made available to you in no time upon your payment confirmation. You can host your masternode in minutes and start earning rewards.

User Friendly

Simplifying complex things is our forte and the Stakinglab platform is an excellent example of our commitment to offer an easy to use platform for our customers. The Clicknode platform enables you to host your masternode with the click of a button.


Software-driven updates for nodes and other components with excellent handling makes our system sustainable which increases the uptime.


We understand how critical security is and hence we have ensured your coins remain within your wallet in your supervision and still host your masternode with us.

How it Works

A few simple steps let you host your masternode on Clicknode

Send Masternode Collateral

Install Hosted VPS

Start Masternode


Our prices are absolutely aligned with the value that you are going to get. You can subscribe to one of the suitable plans and enjoy a hassle-free hosting



6 Clix




18 Clix




22 Clix




66 Clix




180 Clix


Our Platform

The Clicknode is a much-awaited user-friendly platform to help individuals host a masternode. Our excellent dashboard will provide end to end information about your investment. As an investor, you will be presented with intuitive graphs showing details about your daily and monthly rewards for each coin individually.

You can further drill down based on your specific requirements and get all the needed information about the coins you have invested in or planning to invest in. The coin dashboard has all the coins you can invest in and you can simply click on the coin to start the masternode. Just three simple steps and you are done with the masternode setup.